About Us


Founded in 2001 in Senegal .Then from Senegal ORCA started to extend all over African Countries. In 2009, ORCA DECO, as a franchise branch, was opened in Dar es Salaam; Tanzania. ORCA was established for the love of Design, The Style and Trends. The concept of ORCA is to present the complete moods of Life-Style with affordable prices. Constantly searching for new ideas, our dynamic and young team travels the World in order to offer you a range of useful products sought and contemporary. Throughout the year, our new collections reflect the vision of the global trends of furniture and décor.



Our store is designed to stimulate, inspire and guide our clients. As a result our surface of sale has a unique style and easy to shop in less than 3 years of existence. Orca has developed its surface and extend 5000 meter square. The store is located on the airport high way accompanied with a parking that fits large number of customers.



The profile of customers of ORCA is vast and diversed.Our positioning attracts a wide clientele passionate for aesthetics and design .In breaf, ORCA tries to meet the needs of a well-diversified customers. Our customers are guided by a passionate and trained staff to give appropriate council in the choice of one object or another.



Orca is working with a large number of suppliers mainly in Europe and Asia. Today, more than 50,000 products are AVAILABLE. The collection will be repeated several times in the year to provide Fresh Designs. Fitting and Delivery is FREE in a radius of 30 km AND within a period to be agreed with the store manager at the time of purchase.